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Brenda J. Coffin


Where is God Inviting me?

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Pt2 Personal Transitions, Powerful Transformations takes a holistic coach approach to meeting you where you are... and partners with you to explore, listen deeply, set an intention, and follow up with goals and an action plan to help you land where you want to be. Coach Brenda specializes in the process of personal or professional life transitions.

PT2 Personal Transitions Powerful Transformations Offers Coaching services through a variety of venues:

  • Telephone Coaching
  • Text Coaching
  • Face to Face Coaching
  • Spot Coaching
  • Group Coaching
  • Email Coaching
  • Coaching and Communication Skills Workshops

At Pt2 Personal Transitions, Powerful Transformations, Brenda’s personal and group coaching incorporates six core components:

  • Clarity of Vision
  • Awareness of Choice
  • Options for Change
  • Commitment to Action
  • Accountability
  • Celebrate Results


PT2: Re-align Your Life for Inner Peace and Outer Purpose. ©


Time for a Change?

You know it is time to make some significant changes in your life. You are listening from a deep place. Your heart knows what you really want. Your inner yearnings and needs speak to who you are, your nature. You want to live a life with purpose. It may be a personal or work transition issue, or theme, that continues to resurface--A gentle call for soul work or life path restructuring.  As your Coach, we will tackle these issues together and answer your inner call for change.

"Instead of asking what ought I to do with my life, we should be asking who I am? What is my nature?"  --Parker Palmer


Answering Your Inner Call

You have deep longings of how it could be and envision something new for yourself. You count the cost, time and energy.  Are you willing to make a change, and put an action plan around it?

How motivated are you to take action?

What obstacle or stressor gets in your way?

What needs doing? What will you do?

What positive changes would you like to see flow from the steps you take?

Do you have a solid support system?

How will you be accountable to foster a new outcome for yourself?


The Inner Journey

Through exploration and action, You will progress each week toward fulfilling your life’s purpose, goals and dreams and have fun caring for yourself. The journey enables you to spiral inward to meet your authentic self and land at a place where your head and heart align.


Chart Your Course Through Life Transitions

When you are deeply listened to, you will begin to experience truth. You will learn to hear your own authentic inner voice, and address the God-breathed needs and longings within.

 We will work together to anchor in your truth,  with acceptance, creativity, purpose, significance, sense of belonging and love.

About Coach Brenda...

Brenda is a seasoned, Certified Professional Coach with over 2500 individual coaching hours. She is certified by the International Coach Federation whose professional code of ethics, guidelines, and competencies she follows as a professional Coach.   Brenda is a graduate of the fully accredited coaching school, Institute for Life Coach Training.   She has had additional mentor coach training and maintains 40 credits of continuing education coaching classes every three years to maintain her board certification.  She works with businesses, ministries, missions, leadership teams and individuals face to face and over the telephone. Coach Brenda partners with you for Life and Work Transitions to get Powerful Transformative Results.

Brenda is a member of the Christian Coaches Network. 

Call Brenda for an appointment to discuss your individual or groups needs at 717-615-7713.

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Contemplative Classes/Workshops/Retreats for Personal Growth

PT2 Personal Transitions Powerful Transformations offers Personal Growth,  Spiritual Development, and Enrichment in the venue of Classes, Workshops and Retreats in a contemplative setting. 

Brenda received a certificate in Spiritual Deepening and Contemplative Leadership at the Oasis Ministries for Spiritual Development.  Contemplative Leadership embraces both Practice and Presence aimed at personal transformation, leadership formation, and leading groups in contemplation through:

  • Stillness & Silence
  • Movement
  • Inward Attentiveness
  • Daily Attentiveness
  • Compassionate Living
  • Listening & Speaking
  • Creativity & Playfulness
  • Ritual and Rhythms

Brenda’s unique style of training and facilitation is to integrate her coach approach, with a learning topic, and customize it with a life application component to equip and meet the needs of your small group or community. The learning environment is creative, experiential, interactive and fun.

Contemplative and Meditative:

Think about...contemplate... meditate... focus on...
what you need to put in place to support you as you journey into and along your path of Personal Growth and Spiritual Development.

"Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--
if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about such things."

-- Philippians 4:8

Whom Does PT2 Serve?:

  • Individuals
  • Churches, Ministry & Leadership Teams
  • Business Organizations
  • Mission Organizations
  • Women’s Groups
  • Bible Study Groups
  • Writers, Creatives, Entrepreneurs

Lunch ‘N Learns - 1 hour

Enjoy a purposeful lunch steeped with meaning, personal growth and fun. Create your own group of 8-12 to meet once a week. Choose from a variety of topics each week, or in a themed series for 8 weeks. Arrangements can also be made for Coach Brenda to come to your office or conference room.  Spokespersons for Businesses, Ministries or Leadership Teams can call for an appointment to meet and discuss your group’s needs.

Experiential Wellness Workshops - 1/2 day

These workshops are about making some gentle changes in your life. You will take away some new information, life application skills and collective group pearls of wisdom. Facilitator led with group experiential interaction. Topics include but not limited to, Creating Life Balance, Making Smooth Transitions: A Coming to Self, Rest and Renewal, 12 Dimensions of Wellness, Stress Management, Time Management, Self Care, Re-Right Your Life Script ©.   Re-righting Relationships With Self and Others ©.

Transformational Retreats - 1 1/2 days or full weekend

Honoring your need for a deeper spiritual connection with some contemplative, healing and creative time built in, you will savor the combination of solitude, soul work, rest and recovery. The focus of each retreat is a combination of spiritual and emotional healing, being not doing, listening to your heart, and learning a gentle approach to what Christ is communicating to you. Personal Assessments and Inventories are included.

"Come to me, all who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you Rest."
Matthew 11:28-30

Value-added Personal Coaching Sessions (included with advance sign-up)

Restorative Retreat Themes Offered:

  • Sabbath Rest and Renewal For Your Spirit
  • Forgiveness & Inner Healing (1 1/2 day retreat)
  • Emotional Healing through Nature and Solitude (For Women Only)
  • Self Care: Honoring Mind, Body and Spirit
  • Developing Your Spiritual Practice for Healthier Living
  • Spiritual Nourishment: Reaching For Living Water
  • Mindfulness and Silent Retreats

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