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Brenda J. Coffin


Where is God Inviting me?

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Inner Healing, Restoration, and Soul Care Ministry

PT2 Personal Transitions, Powerful Transformations provides Inner Healing, Restoration and Soul Care sessions through a faith-based model that addresses attachment, deep wounds, false beliefs, damaged emotions, and dysfunctional behaviors. In a nurturing and confidential setting, Brenda meets with adults who struggle with core identity, emotional and spiritual issues that get in the way of their quality of life now.

"In order to provide for our own emotional protection, we tend to avoid or deny the pain of the past. We move further away from our true selves and set up internal false belief structures to negate the pain that fear, rejection, abandonment, and shame can bring.”  — Brenda Coffin

Brenda facilitates a spiritual inner healing and restoration process for both individuals and small groups who are positioned to surrender past hurts and, by faith, set a new foundation for hope, wholeness and freedom.

“Pain, in all its shapes and degrees, is a God-given warning system that kicks in automatically when something is wrong.” — Terry Wardle

Institute of Formational Counseling at Ashland Theological SeminaryBrenda completed her Certification in Formational Prayer through the Institute of Formational Counseling at Ashland Theological Seminary.

Spiraling Inward

Re-align Your Life for Inner Peace and Outer Purpose ©

Your inner life and emotions are also reflected outwardly and relationally. How do you think, feel, express yourself and react? Do you pay attention to what your body communicates to you? Are your deep needs and core longings being met? The transformative journey from the false self to the authentic self is a process and well worth the journey. Explore your true nature, find inner spiritual peace, and cultivate your sense of purpose.

Do Any Of These Questions Resonate With You?

Do you say yes when you mean no?

Are you a people pleaser?

Do you seek other’s approval?

Are you driven by performance and achievement?

Do you have low self esteem?

Do you feel unworthy?

Do you want to be loved and be more lovable?

Do you have fears of insecurity, rejection or failure?

Do you question your identity, core values and purpose?

Many people experience some of the above. You are not alone. In your counseling sessions, you can spend some time working on your inner personal and spiritual life and expect both a confidential and safe setting. If you are ready to dig a little deeper into your particular life issues and themes, and receive some restorative healing around them, see Brenda for Formational Counseling Services. 


Spiritual Direction

Kairos School of Spiritual FormationBrenda, a Spiritual Director, received Spiritual Direction Training at the Kairos School of Spiritual Formation...
a contemplative approach to Spiritual Direction. 

Browse a selection of suggested contemplative reading from the Kairos book store.

Counseling Services

Brenda has completed her Master’s of Social Work at Bryn Mawr School of Social Work and Research where she focused on clinical therapy.  In 1998, she became a Licensed Pennsylvania Social Worker specializing in women’s issues, individual and group counseling, communications and interpersonal life skills.  When working as a licensed counselor, Brenda takes an inner healing approach to counseling and deep wounds.  She has been additionally trained in Formational Prayer as a facilitator for individuals and groups--including women’s groups and/or ministry teams.

She incorporates some of her powerful communication techniques when working with individuals, and group community, such as,

Establishing Healthy Boundaries, Mindfulness, Creating Life Balance and Wellness, Developing Spiritual and Emotional Rest, Forgiveness, Managing Stress, Conflict, and Anger. Other training utilized in sessions are  Emotional Intelligence, Assertiveness, DISC Personality Type Indicators, 12 dimensions of Wellness Inventory, Needs and Values Assessments, and Soul Journaling.

Areas of Counseling:

  • Acceptance & Commitment Therapy
  • Addictions
  • Anger Management
  • Anxiety
  • Attachment
  • Boundaries
  • Co-Dependency
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Core Identity
  • Depression
  • Emotional & Spiritual Healing
  • Forgiveness
  • Grief & Shame
  • Individual and Family
  • Mindfulness
  • Stress Management


“Nothing contributes so much to tranquilize the mind, as a steady purpose--a point on which the soul may fix its intellectual eye.” 
-- Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley