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PT2 Provides Professional Life Coaching for individuals and organizations, Formational Counseling for inner healing and restoration, Contemplative Classes and Retreats for Health & Wellness, Life Balance, Spiritual REST, and Interpersonal skills...Serving Individuals, Ministries, Non-profit Organizations, and Small Businesses.

About You...

Do you find yourself going through a bumpy Life Transition without the grace and tools you need for the journey? Do your efforts of striving and achieving get you unsatisfactory results? If you yearn for a simpler life...More Rest, Joy, Balance and Solitude...and a path to Purpose and Fulfillment, PT2 can coach you through the process of turning your Personal Transitions into a Powerful Transformation.

My Commitment To You...

My purpose is to partner with you as you Journey through a Personal Life Transition to Powerful Transformation. Slowing down from life’s distractions to Do Less and Think More is giving yourself permission to really live counter to our culture of busyness, striving and production. Does your spirit yearn for simplicity, solitude and sanctuary? I offer a spiritual coach approach where you can create space to deeply listen to God’s voice, and your inner voice. Be at purpose, as you align your heart, mind and spirit, examine choices and discern your next steps in God’s plan for your life.


Contact Us: PT2 Personal Transitions, Powerful Transformations 717:615-7713.

Brenda J. Coffin, PCC, MSS-LSW

Brenda Coffin, PCC, is a Professional Certified Coach, licensed therapist, writer, and group trainer who takes a holistic coach approach toward wholeness and empowered living. She is passionate about standing with her individual clients and organizations and equipping them as they seek to better understand themselves, relationally connect with one another and be at-purpose to expand their territories .

Brenda was granted a Masters of Social Science degree from Bryn Mawr College of Social Work and Social Research in clinical social work and is a graduate of the Institute for Life Coach Training. She is recognized as a Professional Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation and has over 2500 hours of individual coaching.  Brenda completed a post-graduate certification program in Training and Development at Pennsylvania State University and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from California State University, Long Beach.

Coaching and Workshops for Ministries, Missions and Leadership

Brenda has over 25 years experience as a Communication Specialist in diverse fields.  She has worked with corporations, government, small businesses, social service agencies and churches. Brenda’s professional path and faith journey intersect to provide spiritual coaching and classes/workshops for missions, non-profit leadership organizations and leadership teams that center on personal and ministry growth. Ministry communities and groups can celebrate results with a new outcome based on improved communications, relationships, performance, effectiveness and productivity to arrive at a new outcome.

 Brenda  combines her specialty training of  coaching, counseling, and facilitation with her writing skills to deliver contemplative classes, workshops, and transformational retreats for Change, Inner Healing, Balance, and Spiritual Rest.

Brenda is a member of the Christian Coaches Network (CNN), the International Coach Federation (ICF) and the National Associations of Social Workers (NASW).

Testimonials from coaching sessions at the Florida Christian Writers' Conference:

"I highly recommend Brenda's coaching sessions to anyone attempting to live an intentional life.   Brenda presented practical life management skills in an atmosphere of trust and encouragement.  She sent us all away with measurable and reachable goals for tending to our areas of weakness.  Her knowledge, experience and brightness is inspirational." - Lausanne C

"Brenda is a great coach in that she is firm and encouraging without being pushy.  I got back in touch with a part of my authentic self and look forward to the freeing self-expression that offers. I believe it will help my writing." - Xavia S 

"Thank you so much for your coaching workshops at the Florida Christian Writer’s conference.  I was stuck and could not figure out how to get moving.  Things you taught are practical and do-able. I am now empowered to change and step forward." - Sherry A

"Brenda Coffin’s class on the coach approach to the Writing Life” helped me take a barometric reading of where I am in my life.  The hands-on, interactive workshop got me from stalled to in-gear and on the road to my destination.  I was stuck without precise goals, and now have the keys to move forward.  Brenda is approachable, wise and fun!  You don’t want to miss these life-changing workshops."
 - Desiree A

"I really enjoyed and appreciated Brenda Coffin’s workshop on self-care.  Given the type of work I do and write, I sincerely needed this life coaching class right now.  The most important point I took away was the truth that I could learn to CELEBRATE My Successes.  After 40 years, I finally learned I could be empowered to trust myself." - Katia R 


National Association of Social Workers

Institute of Life Coach Training

International Coach Federation